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Interns are an important part of the V.K.Rees team. I offer 6 month long photography internships, all year long, in Los Angeles, CA. I generally only take on one or two interns at a time.

Before you apply, please take some time to review the list here. These are the kinds of tasks that my team and I usually need interns to do. If you are not interested in performing these kinds of tasks, that’s cool, this just isn’t the right internship for you. No need to apply.

Also, please note that this internship is unpaid. However, I take pride in working closely with interns and teaching them as much as possible- going so far as to get together with the interns a few times throughout the internship to answer all of their career and photography questions. I’m picky about which interns to work with because I want to be sure you get as much out of our professional relationship as I do.

We are located in Highland Park, CA. Please be sure you are able to commute to Highland Park a few times a week before applying. 



Interns are asked to set up and break down the equipment at the beginning and end of each shoot day and keeping the equipment organized.

Studio Maintainance

Interns help keep the studio running smoothly. This means keeping the space clean, scanning receipts, equipment inventory, prop organization, refrigerator cleaning, etc.

Prop Assistance

Interns are often asked to assist with prop styling. This includes prop pickup and return, painting props, prop shopping with a prop stylist, putting the props away, mailing props, searching for props, etc.

Food Styling Assistant

Interns often asked to assist the food stylist on set. This means keeping the kitchen clean, running to the grocery store, washing dishes, mise-ing out ingredients, checking the pantry for all ingredients, creating shopping lists, keeping the food organized, etc.

Production Assistant

Interns take on the role of production assistant on photo shoot days. This means your are responsible for making coffee, running errands, taking lunch orders, helping clients connect to the wifi, etc.


Interns are sometimes asked to help brainstorm shoot ideas or research different locations to shoot, lighting techniques, equipment etc.

Apply Here:

Thanks for your interest!

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